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Hello, and welcome to the online home of Oddball Auto! Let me start off with an apology for my incomplete website. It's almost finished, but it's still still haven't got much of the inventory on here yet. There are also 6 more vehicles on their way from Japan right now! Hope to have the inventory pages working properly, with all of the pictures linked together, very soon.

As our name suggests, we specialize in selling vehicles that are a little...different. From high performance Japanese sports cars, to right hand drive postal delivery vehicles, to the ultimate STREET LEGAL UTV, commonly known as a minitruck, we've got the oddball vehicle market pretty well covered. The best part for our customers is that we're not just another third or fourth party re-seller. We're also the actual, federally registered importer, fully licensed used car dealer, and are a member of the Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario.

Our most popular models by far, are the Japanese 4x4 mini trucks. Comparable in overall size to a UTV, (or side by side ATV), these tiny trucks have some serious advantages that make them a great alternative!
With double the power, double the cargo space, double the speed, and the fact that they're street legal, you'll quickly see that they really don't have any competition at all. Available with factory installed dump boxes, and easily converted to turf tires for landscapers, these are great work trucks, and great advertising for any business. Fully enclosed boxes are also available, or easily built, to turn these into an ideal advertising, or delivery vehicle around town. To turn them into a great trail truck, just add an inexpensive lift kit, some ATV wheels or tracks. Before you know it, you could have one of the best mini trucks in Canada! If you'd like to bring your friends, or your family along for your off-road adventure, 4x4 minivans, and deck-vans are also available, and can be modified just as easily.

Mini trucks, (also known as Kei trucks) are just the beginning. We can also import right hand drive sports cars, and luxury vehicles that have options that Canadians were never allowed to have in our domestic cars. Some of the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) vehicles can easily have over 300HP, twin turbos, and all wheel drive, making for a winning day at the local race track. Others simply like the British roadster feel of the Mazda Miata, and want to make it complete with the original, right hand drive (RHD) version.

Many common North American models are also being imported from Japan for use by rural postal workers. Some of the most common mail delivery vehicles are also widely available in RHD. From Volkswagen Jettas, to Honda Civics, to all wheel drive Honda CR-Vs, these RHD postal vehicles, speed the delivery process, reduce the cost of a helper, and make things much safer for the postal workers. Now you can drive the right way down the street, and get noticed in your very own Oddball Auto.
1995 Honda Acty Left side drive, 4x4

1995 Suzuki Carry Dump truck
Left side drive, 4x4 Dump truck

1994 Daihatsu HijetLeft side drive, 4x4, Raised roof minivan!

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